Pole Watchers

Projected slowdown of ozone loss by the end of the current decade can be seen as a first sign of ozone recovery

Charitable Chimps

Chimps display altruistic behavior..

chicken and child

Reverse Transmission

People infect animals, too.

Tapejara wellnhoferi

Sailing Ancient Seas

Did Pterosaurs sail, as well as fly?

captive hermit crab

Vertebrate Bias

Even the spineless feel pain.


In A Pig’s Eye

Swine see their world—if not themselves—in the mirror.


Rising Waters

Human activity is behind mounting sea levels.

Great Basin bristlecone pine

Fine Times for Pines

Climate change sends the growth of ancient trees into overdrive.

elephant seal

Deep Sleep

Northern elephant seals sleep on the descent.

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Recent Stories

Conspicuous armaments are good visual proxies for fighting ability.

Bats, reservoirs for such viruses as Ebola, are increasingly villainized and require special conservation.

After centuries of moving through the Irish countryside, a group known as Travellers has come to rest.

Algae, plants and humans: three groups of organisms that used chemistry to change the planet.