Bee What You Will

Researchers are discovering how genetically similar worker bees that perform one of two distinct types of jobs can switch roles, depending on the needs of the hive.

Monitoring Melting

A pod of elephant seals has helped researchers build the most complete picture to date of how, and how fast, ice shelves fringing East Antarctica are melting.

Plant-Friendly Fungus

A soil fungus, Metarhizium, which is a widespread insect pathogen and killer, has been found to purvey insect-derived nitrogen to plant hosts.

A Real-Life Armageddon?

12,900 years ago, cosmic bombardment by fragments of an asteroid or comet may have caused Earth to enter an unusually cold 1,300-year spell, the Younger Dryas.

Cougars Make New Tracks

Wildlife biologist confirm that cougars have returned to the Midwest after being wiped out a century ago.

Just Drop In

A new study shows that the lid of a pitcher plant not only keeps rain from flooding the plant’s pitcher but it doubles as an insect catching device.

Great Extirpations

Between 10,000 and 4,000 years ago, multiple, intertwining stressors: warming climate, habitat changes, and human pressure—familiar threats for many species today—led to the extinction of the woolly mammoth.

The Bleat Goes On

Investigators test mother goats' memories of early contact calls as their kids grow up. The ability may prevent inbreeding of mothers and sons and strengthen the bonds of mothers and daughters.

Elephantine Gestation

Given the huge investment in their offspring, expectant mothers seemingly regulate hormone production, shrinking and backing off hormonal secretion, until their bodies detect that embryo implantation has occurred.

Heavy Metal Rock

A new study reveals that small, rocky Earth-like planets can develop in orbit around stars that vary widely in heavy element content.

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