Messengers from the Arctic

It's a banner year for snowy owls

Leopards in the Twilight Zone

Caves are among the predators’ favorite spots.


A Museum of Virtual Media

The brain doesn't much care whether an experience is real.

bobtail squid

Tiny Conspiracies

The secret, social lives of bacteria


Virtual Universe

Centuries of astronomy, plus video-game technology, offer a stunning new perspective on our place in space.

Female Grant's gazelles, Serengeti Plain

A Horny Proposition

Why do some female bovids have horns, whereas others don’t?


Pompadours in the Palms

A rare bird’s elaborate mating habits help a tropical tree disperse its seeds.


Aging, Cancer and Stress

Elizabeth Blackburn's work on telomeres led to new research and discoveries

White Winged Vampire Bat

The Curious, Bloody Lives of Vampire Bats

Vampire bats display adaptations to their diet


Slippery Business

Scientists race to understand the reproductive biology of freshwater eels.

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