Do Plants Have Brains?

Some biologists argue that “neurobiology” has been too narrowly defined

Passing the Smell Test

In tracIng the skunk lIneage, appearances can be deceiving, so can odors

Red Wolf's Last Stand

A pioneering effort to restore a species to the wild continues, even as floodwaters rise and scientists debate the animal’s genetic heritage.

Beyond DNA: Epigenetics

Deciphering the link between nature and nurture

Eat Dirt?

Allergies, autoimmune disease, and the hygiene hypothesis

Fate of the Caspian Sea

Threatened by pollution and climate change, the future of Earth’s largest inland body of water is in the hands of five bordering nations.

Messengers from the Arctic

It's a banner year for snowy owls

Leopards in the Twilight Zone

Caves are among the predators’ favorite spots.


A Museum of Virtual Media

The brain doesn't much care whether an experience is real.

bobtail squid

Tiny Conspiracies

The secret, social lives of bacteria

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After centuries of moving through the Irish countryside, a group known as Travellers has come to rest.

Algae, plants and humans: three groups of organisms that used chemistry to change the planet.

Peaks protected fifty years ago by the Wilderness Act no longer keep mountain goats safe from human impact.

By the 1920s, California had lost all of its grizzly bears—once considered a distinct species and an emblem of the state.