Love in the Time of Monkeys

The importance of food, jealousy, and paternal care in the evolution of owl monkey monogamy

Amor en los Tiempos del Mono

La importancia del alimento, los celos y el cuidado paternal en la evolución de la monogamia en el mono mirikiná

Extravagant Weaponry

Conspicuous armaments are good visual proxies for fighting ability.

Superheroes of the Night Skies

Bats, reservoirs for such viruses as Ebola, are increasingly villainized and require special conservation.

Nomads No More

After centuries of moving through the Irish countryside, a group known as Travellers has come to rest.

World Changers 3.0

Algae, plants and humans: three groups of organisms that used chemistry to change the planet.

Life on the Edge

Peaks protected fifty years ago by the Wilderness Act no longer keep mountain goats safe from human impact.

The Sunland Grizzly

By the 1920s, California had lost all of its grizzly bears—once considered a distinct species and an emblem of the state.

Death by Affluence?

Preconceptions skew our view of the biggest killer in the developed world, atherosclerosis.

Trash Revisited

Across the Pacific Ocean, plastics, plastics, everywhere

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