Curious about Curiosity

Neuroscientists are beginning to understand the connections.


Sexual forms are not necessarily either male or female.

Reading the Bones

In a Neolithic community in Turkey, bone loss in older men and women showed, surprisingly, no significant sex differences.

The Agony of 'Old Probabilities'

How a solar eclipse imperiled the life of America’s first weatherman.

Beauty Happens

Darwin's theory that mate choice is explicitly aesthetic was a really dangerous idea.


Uses of this pricey commodity are emerging in the West; in the East, it has a long history.

Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?

The idea of creating a “Tree of Minerals” seemed contrived, until recently.

Outport Life

Newfoundlanders use whatever means available to hold fast to their cherished land.

Sex Lives of Fish

Fish conduct elaborate courtship rituals and some develop lifelong bonds.

Cultural Diplomacy

A choreographer expresses the contemporary paradox of being a woman, Muslim, North African, Arab, and artist.

Recent Stories

Satellite monitoring and networks of instruments on the ground can detect, but not predict, volcanic eruptions.

Doing something about the weather is no longer just talk.

Neuroscientists are beginning to understand the connections.

The long-dormant site of Spain’s first environmental protest in 1888, revisited.