Down for the Count

Elephant populations continue to dwindle in Tanzania.

Fish, Tides, and Turbines

With proper safeguards, water currents can be harnessed out of sight.

Leo's Star Sets in the West

Vulnerable everywhere in the wild, lions already face regional extinction.

Glass Castles in the Sea

Reef-building sponges are giving up their long-held secrets.


The flexible neck of the Amazon River dolphin let it hunt masterfully in the muddy shallows of the Amazon Basin.

Facing the Past

Forensic anthropologists do facial reconstruction from remains of two crewmen found on the USS Monitor

Don’t Go There

The evolution of disgust

No More Angel Babies on the Alto do Cruzeiro

A dispatch from Brazil’s revolution in child survival

Downstairs/ Upstairs at Sylvester Manor

Face to face with slavery in the North

Three Sides of Everest

There's more to a mountain than the summit.

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Conspicuous armaments are good visual proxies for fighting ability.

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